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The product you show is greatly reduced in size and only slightly corresponds to the original quality. This is to protect against unlawful copies and better loading times!

Ordering a book cover

This product is order-only and does not cost you anything (0). 
After placing your order, you will receive access to our data storage (shelf), from which you can download the book cover template questionnaire for customers in your language. Please fill it out and send it back to us (cover@artdesign88.org). 
We will look at your wishes for the book cover and contact you as soon as possible. 
As a rule, it takes 2-3 days to create a professional book cover. Depending on the order situation, 2-3 days longer. 
Depending on your wishes, we will then inform you of the price. The amount ranges from €60 to €90 for an e-book cover and €90 to €200 for very elaborate work on print editions. Included in the price is the complete formatting with font.

At this point, we would like to point out once again that our photos, images and objects used on book covers created by us are created by ourselves and are not copies or purchases of image databases. So you have a unique piece as a book cover and not a copy of different pictures! 

This amount is 50% payable in advance and 50% upon receipt of the item.
After the first submission by us to you, you have the opportunity to examine it. If you have any change requests, we will correct them. Through the template you submit, we see your wishes and reach our goal quickly. After handing over the book cover, you will also receive a certificate that secures you the sole rights to it.

During the ordering process, you have the opportunity to leave comments. You can do the same on the homepage in the entrance or under Contact in the contact form, just as you like. 

And now have fun with a book cover by artdesign88 (the original)

What our customers say...

Amazing service and real customer friendly! Thank you for the cover for CWR-Framework. Until next time.

Rated by Bart [Verified Buyer]

Many thanks for the amazing book cover to my book Citizen - Somebody is watching you! Great prof. workflow, no blocks, smooth process.

Rated by Louis M. [Verified Buyer]

Smooth like every time! Great job, cover, service. Thanks for the cover to Fatal Gifts

Rated by Louis M. [Verified Buyer]

Just great! Thank you for the book cover for my book `Regalos Fatales`

Rated by Louis

Great cover for the first book of my upcoming series from the end of september 2023`Dino Workout`. Grandiose and colorful, just the way I wanted it! Finished earlier than expected. Looking forward to all upcoming covers, books...

Rated by Master Handcraft [Verified Buyer]