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Book Cover - Samurai

The product you show is greatly reduced in size and only slightly corresponds to the original quality. This is to protect against unlawful copies and better loading times!

Book Cover - Samurai
Our ready-made book covers are "ready to use".
We create and generate the content ourselves without Artificial Intelligence.
We photograph landscapes, buildings, materials, caves and much more to design your book cover. These serve as raw material for us for backgrounds and blendings for high-quality results. Every book cover should be unique, which is why we don't use image databases as sources. These images have usually been copied countless times and can be found everywhere, which would make your book cover a mass product.

What this means for you:
- You will receive a unique piece
- High-quality cover for your book (often more important than the book content itself. At least in the beginning)
- No problems due to copyrights
- Certificate for transfer of all rights to the cover goes to the buyer
- High sales opportunities for your book
- Best service by artdesign88

The images shown here are intentionally in a very small format to protect against data theft. The customer receives the book cover in the desired cover size such as 1600x2400 px, 1600x2560 px etc., in 300 dpi. It is also possible to generate the image in 4K or 8K. Talk to us and let us know your wishes.

If there is no cover for you, we will create one in close cooperation with you! All ebook covers can also be generated as paperback covers, if the customer wishes. You can determine the dimensions of the EBook covers. As a rule, the exhibited are "ready for use covers" in the dimensions 1600x2400 px or 1600x2560 px. Paperback covers need to be adapted to the book, so we need some information about your book to be covered with the cover. Such as the number of pages, dimensions, etc. If you have a template for your book for this information, please send it to us by arrangement. If not, we'll take care of it.
On our site you will find a questionnaire about your book and cover, which you can download in your language.