Citizen - Somebody is watching you! E-Book EN

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Citizen - Somebody is watching you! E-Book EN
Security Guide Part 1

Author: Louis Melloy
Genre: Guide
Version: E-Book
Pages: 236 A5
Illustrator: artdesign88

Experts share their knowledge so that you can live more carefree! It has never been more dangerous and at the same time easier than today to find your To give up privacy and entrust all your personal belongings to strangers. If the population is seen as a digital asset and the population itself takes little notice of it, creeping processes arise that can cost freedom, security and life. Creating more security for everyone should be the top priority. This also includes protection against data and identity loss. Data protection laws alone are not enough, which is why concepts such as the S.o.P. a must in our time!

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What our customers say...

A book of a different kind. It's not like usual for a guidebook. It is sometimes very exciting and surprised me a lot. The book contains a lot of valuable information and a lot that I didn't know. I find it enriching and will certainly not read it just once. Perfect handling.

Rated by Barbara

One of the best guides I've ever read. Very innovative. Good structure and comprehensibly written. I will recommend you to others.

Rated by Ljubi

A book that covers many areas. Storage of data, good faith, ignorance as well as chaos in information technology. Scenarios that may occur or have already occurred are described by the author in a plausible way. I'd rather read a bucg from a specialist than from an analyst. Understandable writing style, good structure and very interestingly presented. My recommendation.

Rated by Ang W. [Verified Buyer]

Just a great book, Easy to understand and inovative. It has a fixed place in my bookstore. Thanks for the smooth workflow.

Rated by Petrow K. [Verified Buyer]