Dino Workout - Part 1

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Dino Workout - Part 1

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The most beautiful dinosaur stories
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Stories for Kids
Recommended age: 5-12
Version: Ebook (pdf), 400-500MB
Pages: 89, therefrom more than 75 in full page color
Cover design: artdesign88
Illustrations: Master Handcraft
Paperback / Hardcover version soon available. Please sent a request.

Hundreds of high-resolution color images, made by `Master Handcraft`

All pictures are in-house productions and were created in 6 months of detailed work and over 4000hwork for the whole project.
Click on the product photo to see more pages of the book. The originals are much more detailed!

The first part is about the dark valley. Fit, Draco and Tsuk set out to find paradise, and don't realize that they already live in one. A group of dinosaurs from the New Land set out on the Way to save the three of them. They meet Greg, Piers and Rocco, the three dinosaurs who have lost their way, wandering through dark and sandy landscapes. You will also get to know 23 dinosaurs, the new land of dinosaurs, the different biomes and their special places. Be there when dinosaur children play, eat, learn and sleep. Off to the new land of dinosaurs!

Riddles in the book. Anyone who solves the puzzle will get access to 10 ultra-sharp images from the book in 4K resolution.
All images in Master Handcraft's books are in-house productions and not available anywhere else!
No copies of online databases, no AI!
With a book from Master Handcraft, you are purchasing a quality product that has been created with great arrangement.
Combination of picture, learning and comic book in which the text was not spared.
Detailed stories, signposts of shapes and colors, data on the dinosaurs included, family photos of all dinosaur species included, individual images, story route and much more.

1. Introduction and dinosaur history.
2. Presentation of biomes, signposts of colors, signposts of shapes, puzzle.
3. Dinosaurs BIO.
4. A new day begins. A complete day in the life of the dinosaurs in "Dino Workout". On the playground (playing), in the lagoon (eating), in the training camp (studying), in the bedroom (sleeping) with dream phase.
5. Actual story
Built-in pages for grinding out the dinosaurs from the book

Let's go to the new land of dinosaurs!
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