E-Mail Security Analysis

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E-Mail Security Analysis
Your security, privacy, data! 
Do you know if anyone else is accessing your emails?
Would you like to do this or would you like to stop such activities? 
Are these points important to you? 

Take advantage of this offer and let's work together to improve your privacy and security as well as better protect your data!

Take advantage of this offer and let's work together to improve your privacy and security as well as better protect your data! 
Using a procedure specially developed by us, we test your e-mail inbox for third-party access. Many people don't know that everything stored in an e-mail inbox can be viewed and used by third parties. Most of the time it will, depending on which hoster you have your e-mail inbox with. Strangers make billions of dollars in revenue from other people's data. Even with your data! 
If you send confidential documents, love letters, lawyers' letters, etc., then in most cases they will be read by strangers. Bank account information, addresses, contacts, vacation planning, purchases, bills, administrative documents, real estate documents, all this is not safe in most e-mail inboxes!

Often, your entire mailbox has been hacked and data stolen without anyone telling you about it. Artificial intelligence and cloud services are also a problem. There are books about it, such as "Fatal Gifts, Citizen - Somebody is watching you!" and others. From the very beginning, the largest providers of AI services fell victim to data theft. Of course, such events are not widely publicized. Cloud services and well-known Big Tech companies are repeatedly victims of data theft, where billions of private records are stolen.
Tip: firewalltimes.com.
AI services, cloud, social media, e-mail inboxes in certain regions and at certain companies, and other so-called free services, make it easier and faster to steal data.
This can be your downfall for a long time after a data theft (and you can and must assume that), over and over again!

Example 1: Your vacation planning is under the e-mails, by viewing your e-mail traffic, strangers know when you are not at home. 
Example 2: Addresses of friends, acquaintances and family are exploited for further criminal acts. 
Example 3: Confidential documents that are in your e-mail inbox are analyzed and monetized. Not by yourself! Of course, you will not receive any remuneration and certainly not a notification about it.

There are countless other examples that there would be no end to listing them here. Protect yourself by finding out if strangers are accessing your emails. Once you have this knowledge, you can take further steps.

The process of this analysis cannot be published, otherwise it would nullify the analysis. The period of the whole process can take 2-4 weeks (our time). After connecting this, you will receive a detailed evaluation of when and how often your e-mails have been accessed. If serious security breaches are detected in your e-mail inbox in the meantime, we will inform you immediately. This analysis process is very time-consuming and preparation, so we charge a flat rate of 69 €. A very small amount considering the effort and time we have to invest in it. And an even lower price in contrast to your immensely increasing privacy..!

Procedure of the order and further procedure. 
The entire process is kept simple for you. You order our email security analysis service just like any other item. After receipt of payment, we integrate your e-mail address to be checked into our system and start phase 1. 
Phase 1: E-mail configuration, adjustment of parameters, communication with you. After that, phase 2 begins. 
Phase 2: Wait and evaluate. Our system records all activities and logs them. After some time (usually 2-5 days) there are first results. We will inform you as soon as these are available. From then on, you can take countermeasures if you wish. The analysis continues for at least 2 weeks in order to collect more data and thus be able to create a better evaluation. Continue with Phase 3.
Phase 3: You will be notified of access to our data storage via secure communication. On this we provide the reports for you and only you have access to them. You can view them there safely, without third parties having access to them. You can download and save the reports directly from there. 

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