Fatal Gifts

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Fatal Gifts-AI (Artificial Intelligence), Security Guide
Book title: Fatal Gifts
Sub-title: [Artificial Intelligence]
Author: Louis Melloy
Version: ebook
Genre: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Illustrator: artdesign88

Artificial intelligence – breeding ground for copyright infringements.
Mathematics as a universal helper, packed in bits and bytes. Simple numbers, as states of tension, are capable of creating billionaires and people hacked at the same time. Unsuspecting and believing that they will receive free online services, the masses give away everything they have, namely their independence, their thoughts, their belongings. Above all, however, their own future and that of their fellow human beings. The ignorant must be made into knowers, if only to balance the yin and yang. The habit of imitating others turns many things into a uniform mush and destroys individuality. Such behavior makes it impossible at a certain point to maintain or maintain human social contacts. But this is exactly what some want! If artificial intelligence is preferred to human interaction, certain circles see a weak point into which they can stab. Cryptocurrencies, Internet of Bodies, consciousness sciences, and exploring suffering and feelings is not something that should be left to artificial intelligence. If data is collected over decades and then serves as a training basis for AI, regardless of existing data protection laws, there will once again be educational work for certain professions and our privacy will continue to suffer. Creative professions depending on language, painting, writing and education as well as in social areas will sooner or later be replaced by AI. Why this only makes sense for a few, but not for the general public, can be found here. Learn why online services make you unemployed sooner rather than later, turning generations into useless bodies. What increases one mans power and bank account is another mans downfall. The very fact of establishing rules for others that apply to everyone except those who issue them testifies to inferior thinking, which at best serves only individuals, but not humanity, which needs to be developed.

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Simple and easy-to-understand guide. Although in a short version, still highly recommended. The low price makes it very inexpensive. Many points of artificial intelligence under the magnifying glass about meaningfulness and purpose. Plausible descriptions well explained, I like very much. A book that is easy to carry with you to leaf through from time to time and read something meaningful. Thanks also for the ease of processing!

Rated by M. Uhigus [Verified Buyer]