Shipping & Returns

As a rule, we publish digital content for download. Digital content and books cannot be exchanged and/or returned. For the simple reason that digital content could simply be copied and then returned. Note: The customer assumes responsibility for the transport. In addition, in such a case, the customer bears the transport and packaging costs. We only ship insured.

We have printing partners in many countries, from where we have the books printed and shipped. Depending on your place of ordering, there will be different shipping times depending on the transport route and the print shop. If we pack ourselves, we charge a flat-rate packaging fee, which is then included in the stated shipping costs.
Items (digital as well as physical)
1.a Made-to-order prints, maps, 3D models or other content are not permitted for resale without our written consent. For resale, send us an inquiry! 1.b Items from our website are non-returnable. 
1.c artdesign88 is in no way responsible for shipping errors caused by the respective shipping company. In such a case, the recipient of the goods must clarify all ambiguities with the shipping company.

Digital content
We provide digital content via download link. In some cases, we will send you the goods after payment has been received. We do this to protect against data theft, since every storage on the Internet is never 100% secure, we do not store high-quality work on the Internet and only on our secured share!

Physical goods
When sending pictures, posters, etc. In these cases, we pass on the shipping costs plus 20% of them to the customer as handling costs. If we have to pack the goods ourselves, we will discuss this with you in advance. The shipping costs always depend on the country of the customer and must be found out in advance in any case, as these can change at any time with the transport companies.