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Welcome to artdesign88, the original!


We are professionals in ART, book cover creation and design.

For backgrounds, we often use pictures that we photograph ourselves. E.g. in forests, caves, mountains, cities, etc. With the camera always with us and in our hands, we often capture unusual moments. We use these images for our book covers and ART.


If you find our works on a website other than, or,

then they are unlawful and without our consent.


The label "artdesign88" is often copied by third parties or used as a showpiece, or no one looks before the award and is interested in whether this name already exists. Examples: ArtDesign88, art-design-88, artdesign-88, We are not on ebay or on twitter, telechargervous, etsy, roomble and the like, and we certainly do not post our works on shutterstock and other image databases.


If you are looking for something of quality and special, come to artdesign88 (the original).


Purpose of our website / services: Not only us, but more and more people are noticing the loss of quality in many areas of daily life. The same applies to many goods. Greed for profit and power destroys many things. We want to counteract this, even if only modestly, by promoting art and culture and high-quality items such as books. We work exclusively on a donation basis.

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Caution! New scam with AI techniques. Facebook, Instagram etc. More and more fake accounts on social media portals! It is advisable to inform friends about this and to pass on the respective fake account in order to warn other people with it.
Purported bestselling authors will contact you and ask you a few questions at first. Later on, they'll offer you services that will supposedly help you better market your books...
Source: Louis Melloy, 22th. nov. 2023

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CITIZEN - Somebody is asocializing you!

Part 2 of the Citizen series

Author: Louis Melloy

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Audio: The secret world of book sales (Source: German Culture)

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We are a small team and have been online since 1996. Our motto is, best quality for little! Service and customer friendliness is our ultimate goal. Our decades of experience come to our customers Benefit. Through long-standing international relationships, our business is growing steadily and we are able to offer more services. The privacy of our customers is important to us, which is why we do not use marketing add-ons or artificial intelligence. As gentlemen of the old school, we take pictures ourselves. We use our exclusive material for your book covers and pictures, so our customers always have a unique piece and not a copy, as is usually the case elsewhere. Our experience in photography dates back to the 80s. We speak your language.